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Meet Our Staff
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  • Dealership Contacts 740-739-9980
    • John Riley Photo
      John Riley
      General Manager
    • Bob McCarthy Photo
      Bob McCarthy
      Used Car Sales Manager
    • Kevin Cramer Photo
      Kevin Cramer
      Human Resources Director
    • Jeff Haller Photo
      Jeff Haller
      Commercial Fleet Sales
    • Rick Conti Photo
      Rick Conti
      Corvette Sales Manager
    • Sales Consultant
      Phone : 877-596-4272
      Shannon Jones
      Sales Consultant
      Phone : 877-596-4272

      Hello! Let me introduce myself: I have an amazing wife and two wonderful children! I enjoy providing a carefree buying experience for my customers. As such I have earned outstanding customer service ratings throughout my career. I am passionate about selling vehicles. My daily motivation is to help my customers purchase the car of their dreams :) Call me anytime toll free at 877-596-4272--it's direct to me! Visit my very own Private Web Site, built just for my customers: Here you can view Coughlin Automotive's entire inventory of New and Used Vehicles--because I can and will help you with any and all of them.

    • Dale Chapman Photo
      Dale Chapman
      Internet Sales Manager
    • Joe Westbrook Photo
      Joe Westbrook
      Internet Sales Manager
    • Kevin Richard Photo
      Kevin Richard
      Sales Consultant
    • Terry Goodin Photo
      Terry Goodin
      Sales Consultant
    • Eric Wermter Photo
      Eric Wermter
      Sales Consultant
    • Corey  Mehler Photo
      Corey  Mehler
      Sales Consultant
    • Jason Payne Photo
      Jason Payne
      Sales Consultant
    • Nick Castorano Photo
      Nick Castorano
      Sales Consultant
    • Jarod Callander  Photo
      Jarod Callander
      Internet Sales Manager
  • Service 740-739-9044
    • Pat  Davis Photo
      Pat  Davis
      Service Director
    • Todd Conway Photo
      Todd Conway
      Service Manager
    • Eric Morrison Photo
      Eric Morrison
      Service Advisor
    • Nikki West Photo
      Nikki West
      Service Advisor
    • Randy Di Frischia Photo
      Randy Di Frischia
      Service Advisor
  • Parts 740-739-9044
    • Mike Trinkle Photo
      Mike Trinkle
      Parts Director
    • Shawn Klontz Photo
      Shawn Klontz
      Parts Manager
    • Dave Fayerweather Photo
      Dave Fayerweather
      Parts Consultant
    • Jerry Rine Photo
      Jerry Rine
      Parts Consultant
    • Jodie Coss Photo
      Jodie Coss
      Parts Consultant
  • Finance 740-739-9980
    • Keith Buzzard Photo
      Keith Buzzard
      Finance Manager
    • Stephen Anthony Photo
      Stephen Anthony
      Finance Manager